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200 To 300 Ghanaians Have Been Recruited By Terrorists-Security Analyst

A security analyst, Adib Saani has disclosed that about 200 to 300 young men and women have been recruited by terrorists in the northern parts of Ghana. According to him, a series of surveys conducted showed how armed groups were operating country, adding that porous borders fester smuggling arms and human trafficking.

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“As part of a series of surveys and assessments of the security situation in the Gulf of Guinea countries conducted by Promediation, it has emerged that the establishment of armed groups in northern Ghana has also allowed terrorist groups to implement an active recruitment strategy.

“It is estimated that 200 to 300 young people have been integrated into the various GSIM-JNIM and EIGS katibas. After undergoing training in training camps in the Sahel, these young recruits were sent back to their villages or origin, in particular, to engage in religious proselytizing,” this is what he said in his statement.

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