3 Secrets Of Becoming A Successful Blogger

A lot of people have been sending me texts and mails concerning how they can become successful bloggers. Although I’m not successful yet, but I’m going to share with you my little knowledge so far as blogging is concerned.


1. Be Consistent: 

Blogging is one of the most hardest jobs in the world yet people claim blogging isn’t hard. To become a successful blogger you need to be very consistent in publishing, informative, educative and valuable articles. You may not be able to publish everyday but at least try to publish articles three times per week if your niche is not news. If you are running a news blog, your ur case is different. You need to publish everyday to keep your readers updated on the current happenings.

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Consistency is a key factor, and please note don’t publish just anything because you want to be consistent. Kindly make sure the information you are putting out is valuable and informative not just anything.

2. Be Unique, Don’t Follow The Mass

Another Key factor of Becoming a successful blogger is being unique. A lot of people make mistake by following the mass into entertainment blogging. Do not copy what others are doing, just stay authentic and unique, keep doing it and never stop. You will thank yourself for being unique. As a matter of fact, entertainment niche doesn’t pay at all, so don’t be moved by the mass into entertainment blogging. Stay Original.

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3. Learn Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the greatest way of driving organic traffic to your blog. Earning money in blogging is all about traffic, the number of traffic you get determines your earnings. In view of that upcoming Bloggers or anyone who wants to become a successful blogger must learn and master search engine optimization.

4. Invest Your Time And Money

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In order to become a successful blogger, you need to invest your time and money. Investing your time literally means having enough time to do researches, and writing good content. Investing money has to do with buying premium tools, such as Ahrefs Keywords research tool, Yoast SEO premium, And a premium theme which is AdSense friendly. A lot of people fail because they always want to use free tools. If you have the money I will advise you to purchase premium tools.

Thanks for reading this. I hope this article was helpful. My name is Ericsson

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