5 Ghanaian Musicians Who Released Hit Songs Accompanied With Dance Moves

Recently, we have not been hearing about viral songs accompanied with a dance move.

A few years ago, we could recount to some popular Ghanaian songs that came into the system with a specific dance move.

In today’s article, we will be looking at some famous Ghanaian artists who released hit songs that went viral with dance moves.

Guru – Alkayida

The Alkayida dance move became very popular in 2010. The massive banger released by Guru took over the Ghanaian airwaves by storm, and till date it is highly appreciated for its impact on the Ghanaian music industry.

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Fuse ODG – Azonto

The UK based musician decided to project Ghanaian heritage by formulating a song natives could connect with.

After releasing this particular, many foreigners began to buy into our talents and as a result of this fell in love with the dance move.

Dopenation – Zanku

The salient music group became a household name after their famous Zanku tune became a successful hit song.

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Zanku was actually adapted from the Nigerian dance trend.

Zigi – Amanda

The former Lynx Entertainment signee introduced another cool dance style called Amanda.

Though the song didn’t make a massive impact, the dance move was accepted by so many Ghanaians and projected on several social media platforms.

Patapaa – One Corner

I know a lot of people are familiar with the song but have less idea how it came out with a dance. Patapaa’s hit song didn’t only go viral. It became one of the most popular songs on the African continent, after some enthusiastic fans decided to form their own dance move by introducing a perculiar way of grooving to the song.

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Anybody who heard the song after its release formulated a different dance move where he or she moved to the corner of his or her location to demonstrate a description of the lyrics to the song.

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