Ajagurajah Expøses All Female Occultic Groups In Ghana Using Sperm From Men They Sleep With For Money Rituàls-(Watch Video)

Famous pastor Ajagurajah in Ghana expøses all female occultic groups in Ghana using sperm from men after sleeping with them. He said they intentionally organize parties and invite guys to the party, they then allow those guys to sleep with them using cøndøms. They take the cøndøms containing the sperm and use them for money rituàls.

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He warns all the ladies in that occultic group to be very careful. He said the name of the group is “Our Lady Of The Sun” and all the members are female. He also said all the ladies in that occultic group are fair in complexion, and they don’t accept a black skin lady into their group.

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Do not envy anyone you see with big cars and mansions, because you do not know where they get them from. Keep doing whatever you are doing with God’s time everything will be perfect for you.

Guys must be very careful who they sleêp with, not all of them wish them well, most of them care about what they will get from them.

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