Apam Senior High School: Location, Category, Courses, Entrance, Uniform, Photos

Apam Senior High School, in the Zone B District of the Central region of Ghana, was established in 1953 at Paado’s plains, a suburb of Apam (a coastal town in the area). The school had very humble beginning under a cocoa shed and oak trees. It started under the management of Rev. DeGraft-Johnson as a day school with Mr. C.S. Arthur Hesse as the only teacher.

In 1960, the school relocated to its present site, Mbofra mfa Adwen, with a very grand and impressive opening ceremony performed by Lord Listowel, the last Governor of the then Gold Coast, now Ghana. The development of the school that led to the adoption of the name Great Apass was achieved the leadership and aegis of the late Dr. Peter Augustus Owiredu otherwise known as PAO. Dr. P.A Owiredu took over as the headmaster from Rev. Degraft-Johnson in 1959 to 1981.

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By 1964, the school had moved from a day school to a boarding school and had introduced Advanced Level courses it offered.

Great Apass is presently under the leadership of Nana E.C. Acquah. The school has a current population of 1,808 with 63 teaching and 48 non-teaching staff.


Apam Senior High School is located in the B District of the Central Region of Ghana.(Apam)

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Apam Senior High School is a Category B School and one of the senior high schools in Central Region At Apam of Gomoa West District.


Apam Senior High School offer the following courses:

  • General Arts
  • General Science
  • Business
  • Visual Arts

Apam Senior High School is a mixed school with the nickname “Apamites”

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