Beautiful Lady Goes Viral For Revealing Her Biggest Wish If Wishes Were Horses-(Watch Video)

A beautiful Ghanaian lady goes viral for revealing her biggest wish if wishes were horses. Her wish alone got netizens talking. What she is wishing for is not something that will be difficult to get but in this generation, everything seems difficult.

“If wishes were horses, my wish this morning could have been waking up next to someone’s son, of course with a kiss on the forehead, say, good morning baby? I hope you slept well. how was your night? I made breakfast.

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Join me in the dinning to have breakfast. You know then, as a woman I will be craving attention, then I will be acting moody. He will be like are you okay, what is wrong with you, do you need pampering? should I take you to the hospital? or should I credit your account with some 10K, you know all of those sweet things, but whose son? whose son?”

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What she is wishing for is very lovely, you can even fall in love with her by just listening to the words from her beautiful mouth.

Watch the video

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