Commission Of Inquiry In Ghana

Commission of inquiry is a constitutional mechanism employed by the government to investigate any matter that is in the interest of the public.

The appointments, functions and duties of the commission is regulated by Chapter 3 of the 1992 constitution.

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A commission of inquiry is one of many bodies available to the government to inquire into many issues that the masses have utmost interest in.

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Members of the commission report findings, give advice and make recommendations as well. While their findings are not legally binding, they can be highly influential.

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Commissions of inquiry are independent of the government. They must act strictly within their terms of reference and ensure their processes are within the law.

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Commissions are a remarkably flexible means of looking into a variety of issues.

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As part of the governmental processes, they provide unique channel through which interested parties can directly participate in making public policy.

Commissions may not be appointed to;

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  • Investigate accidents where there has been major loss of life.
  • Consider social policy initiatives with a huge public impact.
  • Make adjustments to the institutional structure of government.
  • Take a sensitive or moral issue out of the political terrain in order to get non-partisan, professional advice on it and build a consensus on how to proceed.
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