Court Fees In Ghana

Remuneration for legal services must measure up to the value of the time spent or value created as determined by the economic environment in which the service is provided.

The scale of fees covers charges for professional services rendered by lawyers.

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Fees are quoted in both Ghana cedis and the United States Dollars.

The amount quoted are to be applied to services rendered to Ghanaian clients and international clients respectively as prescribed by law.

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Negotiation of fees of lawyers will take into consideration the nature and amount of work involved and estimated time to be spent on it.

The terms of payment may include a deposit of up to 50% of the agreed fees payable upon firm instructions being given to commence work unless the client and counsel agree otherwise.

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During the negotiation of terms of the fee, the counsel and the client may agree on any method/basis and terms of payment acceptable to them including;

  • Fixed Fee
  • Fixed Fee + Success Fee
  • Hourly Fee
  • Hourly Fee + Success Fee
  • Fixed Fee for part of the work and Hourly Fee for the other part of the work.
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Where percentage are applied in computing fees, they may range from 5% to 25% unless otherwise agreed.

Initial Consultation Fees

Ghanaian Clients

Senior Counsel (10+ years) – Ghc1000 maximum

Counsel (5-9 years) – Ghc750 maximum

Junior Counsel (less than 5 years) – Ghc500

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International Clients

Senior Counsel (10+ years) – $500-1,000

Counsel (5-9 years) – $375-$750

Junior Counsel (less than 5 years) – $250-$500

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Hourly Rates

Ghanaian Clients

Senior Counsel – Ghc1,000-Ghc2,000

Counsel – Ghc500-1,500

Junior Counsel – Ghc300-1,000

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International Clients

Senior Counsel – $500-$1000

Counsel – $375-$750

Junior Counsel – $250-$500

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