‘Daughter Of Mani Water’ Speaks To Castro Live; Says Asamoah Gyan Killéd Him For Money, Asamoah Gyan Replies-(Watch Video)

A woman who claims to be the daughter of ‘Mami Water’ speaks about the déàth of Ghanaian music legend Castro, says she has spoken with Castro live and he said Ghanaian footballer Asamoah Gyan is responsible for his dêàth. The woman claimed Asamoah Gyan used his best friend Castro for money.

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She said they should ask Asamoah Gyan why he killêd Castro, says Asamoah Gyan is very wickêd and dãngèrous. The woman is seriously demanding the music Castro could have produced until this time from Asamoah Gyan.

When the video when viral on social media, Asamoah Gyan saw it and replied to the woman, saying the woman wants his attention which is why she is saying that. He also said the woman is frustrated that is why she is saying bul**t. He also says bul**t things when he is frustrated.

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