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DVLA Ghana Road Worthy Fees – 2021

DVLA Ghana fees are highly essential fees collected to ensure the safe running of drivers and vehicles in Ghana.

The cost of a learner’s permit is Ghc50 and the driving test is Ghc50. At the end of a vehicle inspection process, stickers are issued for vehicles that pass.

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These secured road worthiness stickers are valid for one year for private vehicles and six months for commercial vehicles.

Maybe you are a commercial vehicle driver, a private car or a motorcycle rider who has been looking for a place where you can get the price list of fees paid at the Ghana Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

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Worry no more. Below is a list of prices designated for the various fees paid by drivers.

  • Articulated Trucks Up To 24 Tons – Ghc866.50
  • Articulated Trucks Below 32 Tons Up To 24 Tons – Ghc866.50
  • Articulated Trucks Above 32 Tons – Ghc866.50
  • Buses And Coaches – Ghc544.00
  • Motorcycles Up To 200cc – Ghc116.00
  • Motorcycles Above 200cc – Ghc140.00
  • Motor Vehicle Up To 2000cc – Ghc429.50
  • Motor Vehicle Above 2000cc – Ghc544.00
  • Rigid Cargo Trucks Up To 16 Tons – Ghc544.00
  • Rigid Cargo Trucks From 16 To 22 Tons – Ghc564.00
  • Rigid Cargo Trucks Above 22 Tons – Ghc614.00
  • Tipper Truck – Ghc826.50
  • Articulated Trucks Up To 24 Tons – Ghc786,50
  • Articulated Trucks Above 24 Tons and Below 32 Tons – Ghc796.50
  • Articulated Trucks Above 32 Tons – Ghc796.50
  • Buses And Coaches – Ghc479.00
  • Motor Vehicles Up To 2000cc – Ghc419.50
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Other Fees

  • Particular Identification Mark – Ghc10,000,000
  • Accident Report – Ghc55.00
  • Application For Police Report – Ghc5000
  • Change Of Ownership, Motorcycles, Scooters.etc. – Ghc5000
  • Change Of Ownership, Vehicles – Ghc30000
  • Special Registration Mark – Ghc500000
  • Conversion Of Foreign License – Ghc445.00
  • Copy Of Entry Of Vehicle Particulars – Ghc5000
  • Driving Test – Ghc10000
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