“Fix Your Attitude Not Your Vag*na” -Yaa Yeboah Advises Ladies-(Watch Video)

Yaa Yeboah dvises ladies to fix their attitude and not their vag*na. According to her, most of the breakups are a result of bad attitudes from the ladies yet they spend money buying creams and other stuff to fix their vag*na.

“Girlfriend come along let’s have this conversation. Why do you invest so much in buying “kalamata” and what have you but you have a disgusting attitude? You continue to abuse your vag*na, you continue to disrespect your vag*na, you do not put a premium on your vag*na, you keep buying all the things all in the name of making your vag*na sweeter to attract a man but you have a disgusting attitude.

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Why don’t you take the time to invest in yourself? What defines you as a woman is your attitude. Who you are as a person you don’t invest in them”. Said Yaa Yeboah to the ladies.

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