Four Ghanaian Celebrities Who Came To The Music Scene As Exceptional Brands

As a musician who wants to remain consistent in the music industry, you should be able to come up with a particular brand that will make you distinct from other lyricists.

In recent times, we have been introduced to some exceptional talents who have stood the test of time due to their outstanding personalities.

In this article, we are going to focus on five talented artists who came into the mainstream scene with an exceptional brand.

1. Kwesi Arthur

The Ground Up frontliner became a huge motivation to the youth of Ghana, after he released his ‘Grind Day’ banger.

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The song became an anthem for young men and women who had the vision to survive on the streets.

Aside the marvelous hit songs he released, he was also noted for the ‘shirtless’ brand. During the early stages of his career, he usually seen on stage without a shirt.

After that distinct introduction, a lot of people started buying into his talent which made him one of the most sought after lyrical geniuses in the country.

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2. Kwaw Kesse

He is also known as the ‘Abodam’ hitmaker. Kwaw Kesse brought his own style and way of delivering rap bars.

Aside his exceptional rap style, he was also recognized for that ‘madman’ lifestyle. During his early career days, he was literally the voice of the street.

3. Sarkodie

The widely known Tema based rapper took Ghanaians by storm after releasing his ‘Borga Borga’ hit tune.

A few years after that release, he switched to another brand, and surprised almost every Ghanaian with his ‘bossy’ lifestyle.

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To make his brand solidified, he gave Ghanaians a massive hip hop tune titled ‘Bossy’.

4. Medikal

He was discovered by Criss Waddle after he joined the AMG movement.

Medikal became a popular artist after releasing a hip hop tune titled Confam.

In the Ghanaian community, ‘Confam’ simply means to cash out a huge amount of money.

As the result of this, he was given that ‘rich boy’ brand which has actually become part of his personality till now.

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