From Cassette Seller To A Billionaire, The Story Of Dr. Osei Kwame Despite

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is the chief Executive Officer Of The Despite Group Of Companies. Kwame Despite is one of the most humble billionaires in Ghana, Despite how wealthy he is.

There’s is a saying that everyone has a story to tell and Dr. Kwame Despite is of no exception. He revealed how he started and it’s very inspiring. According to him, he started as a mere shoe maker, because the popular skill in Kumasi every youth learns, he stopped the shoe making and entered business where he was selling cassette , now CD ROM. According to him, the name despite is not his real name, but that name was given to him by people.

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When he was selling the cassette, people were looking down upon him, so he whenever anyone make a gabberish comment against him, he replies saying , Despite I’m a cassette seller. So they named him Despite because of the comments he always make.


This is the breakthrough, Kwame Despite Gathered money selling Cassette and opened his first radio station, Which is Peace FM in Accra. The radio station has been one of the most listened FM stations in Ghana, it’s the mother of all stations.

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Through Peace FM, Dr Osei Kwame Despite has been able to open other businesses such as United Television, This way chocolate drink, best point savings and loans, U2 iodated Salt and among others. He is a very big inspiration to all young people who are want to become entrepreneurs.

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