Galamsey Miners Forced To Sleep In Muddy Water After Their Arrest By Soldiers-(Watch Video)

More the 40 galamsey miners have been arrested by some soldiers, and have been forced to sleep in muddy water. Failure to do so will attract some hot slaps and beatings, so they all obeyed the soldier and took the punishment without question.

The video is trending on all social media platforms and Ghanaians are very disappointed in President Akufo-Addo and his party. The miners will fall sick after going through all these punishments.

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They were asked to stop working but they refused to listen due to the economic hardship in the country. Some of these people are doing this work to get some money to continue their education and others are doing it to support their families.

Most people are angry because the foreigners doing the work are not treated the same way as the citizens which is unfair.

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Watch the video

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