Ghana Labour Law On Sick Leave

After one year of employment as a full-time employee, the annual paid leave entitlement is 15 working days.

An employee must take all their annual leave at once. There is no statutory legal requirement for paid sick leave in Ghana.

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There is no clear provision in the Labour Act about paid sick leave and its length.

It only says that sick leave certified by the medical practitioner is independent of annual leave.

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Medical Care

There is no mention in the Labour Act about medical care. However, medical benefits are mentioned in National Health Insurance Program.

It provides range of healthcare services free of charge, including inpatient and outpatient treatment and dental and maternity care.

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Employers are expected to pay medical expenses in respect of the occupational injury.

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Job Security

There is no provision in the above act that a worker’s job is secure during the first six months of his or her illness. According to the Labour Act, an employer cannot dismiss a worker during his or her period of sickness.

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The Labour Act law does not make an explicit provision for who pays when an employee is sick.

However, in practice, various conditions of service and collective agreements have provisions for payment when a worker is sick or on sick leave.

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There is no provision for an employee who has been ill for a very long time. However, in practice, various conditions of service and collective agreements provide full payment up to a period of time and in some instances half payments depending on the length of services of the worker.

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