Ghanaian Pastor Blasts President Akufo-Addo And NPP Leaders In front Of Them-(Watch Video)

Ghanaian pastor boldly confront President Akufo-Addo and his party the with the truth they don’t want to hear. The pastor was invited to talk at a party gathering not knowing he is is against the way they are ruling the country. This is a total embarrassment to the leaders, they tried to hide their faces but unable to.

“NPP party talks about ‘we have the men, we have the men, we have the men, if you have the men without unity you don’t have the mind. Because if the men are there and they are not united they will not give you their brains. The party will suffer and the nation will suffer. They will sit down and watch.

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They want someone to fail for them to take the baton, but you that one too let me tell you if the group fails, you have fail. Maybe you call a wrong person to speak today. The greek word for division is not what we are saying, the greek word for division is not party, is not grouping, the greek word is you tie apart. If the party in power is not united the country will suffer.” said the pastor

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We need people like this to speak the truth no matter how tough it feels.

Comment below let know what you think about what the pastor said.

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