Go and apologize to Beyou, or we wont watch your videos: Fans to Akete mpeninsem

Akete mpeninsem has been receiving some backlashes after the team started releasing comedy videos. The fans seem to love Akete mpeninsem unconditionally, but her new management is not helping at all. There is a problem with all the videos that has been released so far, the first one lack good direction and the storyline was very poor.

Well, what some of the fans are saying is that, they cannot hate Akete for anything because she knows nothing about what is happening. They advised the parents to go and apologize to Beyou, else they will not watch their new videos. Below are some comments from fans.

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Ghana err… We are our own “problems” ooo. from “krenkren” to “krankran”. Even when this little girl was with Beyou we could see the struggle and we knew Beyou was directing all the skits, but someway somehow it was good.

But this one de3. They just destroyed an half baked bread..as I start my new journey in acting….who typed that, the small girl or the director or the editor🤣One day the “little girl” will be told the story….shame…

Hahaha the mother just kil.led the goose the was laying the golden eggs, thinking that plenty eggs will be found in its stomach only to realise that after the death of the goose, not even a single egg is there because it is the life of the goose that made it lay the golden eggs and no matter the problem she get little than non. Ahw hmmm!

The parents doesn’t know that it takes a good director or manager to develop talent.she will never be the same

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