Houses For Sale In Ghana: Prices And Locations

Houses for sale in Ghana.

Building in Ghana has become very expensive these days and there have always been an argument on building your own house versus buying a house the one that cost most. Well according to my research I have come to realize that sometimes buying an already built house is less streeful and “kinda affordable” but if you have a land I will advise you to build rather than buying.

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But the price of a house differs from location to location. Assuming buying a three bedroom house in Accra East Legon, compared to buying that same three bedroom house in Kasoa. Although it all three bedroom houses, but the one at east Legon will be more expensive than that of Kasoa. It can be the same design with the same building materials but still the one at east Legon will be more expensive than that Kasoa

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Below are some Houses For Sale, Location And Prices

These Houses Were Posted on Jiji , and are for sale. But Note, Before you deal with such people make sure you go to their office for them to show you the houses , don’t deal online, to avoid being scammed.

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