Kwasia, Even You, You Are Here Tweeting Nønsénse-Lydia Forson Against

Lydia Forson has brought down her unstoppable hammer on the head of an obvious foot soldier of the ruling New Patriotic Party over the contentious Ghana Card. She has for sometimes now on the neck and downplaying on the ongoing SIM registration found her voice again when the exercise was extended to the end of September.

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While she was at, one NPP guy who seemed to be the only cluster of people defending this registration, tweeted;

“No excuses, if it was free money being shared, you will see how Ghanaians will be jumping over themselves to be paid. Just go and register your SIM card for your own security against cyber fraudsters defrauding you.”

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Lydia Forson replied to his tweet, saying “Kwasia even you, you’re here tweeting nønsénse for free money let alone someone who’s hungry. You want poor people to stop their hustle to stand in long lines and risk ongoing to be hungry, for what? You people just FØOL that’s why you’re writing this from a fake account.”

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