Lg Tv screen Replacement Cost In Ghana

LG products are very strong and durable products everyone is willing to use.

LG has products such as Television, Laptops and other electrical gadgets. Their appliances are always warranted, that makes them stand out.

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Talking about durability, no Matter how durable the product is If it’s not handled with care, can be broken down at any point in time. Here is the case, you will have to spend another amount to replace what ever is broken in it.

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In today’s article, we are coming to give you prices of replacing a broken LG tv screen and LED TV’s in general.

We found one company which is really an expert in fixing broken LED TV screens.


Location: Kaneshie First Light, Opposite Grace Chapel, Dr Busia Highway. Accra Ghana

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Contact Details: +2330205451020

If You Contact the above company you will get your Tv screen Replaced for you neatly without any side effects.


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