Men Don’t Forgive Cheating-Lady Says-(Watch Video)

A lady made a video telling fellow ladies to be careful when their boyfriend or husband once caught them cheating. According to the lady, men don’t forgive cheating”.

“Men don’t forgive cheating. He can tell you oh baby, you know you can tell me everything. I don’t know why? you know men don’t forgive cheating. A man can not end up with you because one cheated for how many years ago, he will be like I can’t just bear it.

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“I talk to guys, I walk with guys, guys know they don’t forgive cheating”. According to her, men don’t forgive and forget cheating. She said you can cheat on a woman and she will forgive and forget.

She said if you are a lady and you have cheated on your boyfriend or husband before and he is aware of it, he will use it against you some years to come.

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