Mining Support Companies In Ghana (2021)

Large-scale Mining is one form of mining that is very dominant in Ghana.

It is mainly capital intensive requiring high levels of mechanization and expertise.

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Responsible large-scale mining is the bedrock of Ghana’s mining rules and regulations. Responsible mining has a significant impact both on macro-economy of Ghana and the lives of citizens within the catchment areas where this type of mining takes place.

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A large number number of multinational companies which undertake large-scale responsible mining in Ghana depend on the services of license mining support service companies to excel.

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To ensure responsible mining, the rules and regulations of the Ghanaian government are so well-structured that mining support service companies have an essential role to play.

A licensed mining support service company by law is obligated to provide the large-scale mining companies with a high level of mechanization.

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Ghana requires a specific method of setting up a mining support service company with a license from the Mineral Commission.

In view of this, let’s take a look at some mining support service companies in Ghana.

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  • Sphinx Minerals Marketing Company Limited
  • Ultimate Group Limited
  • Yebed Suppliers Limited
  • Touba Group Of Companies
  • Geoxpert Limited
  • SAGYMAN Company
  • Pinnacle Engineering
  • Asanteman Gold Company Limited
  • Adwamen Enterprise
  • Helvent Investment Limited
  • Karmans Holdings Limited
  • Addo Mining
  • International Business Support Services
  • Quarmine Company Limited
  • West Coast Mining Limited
  • Mantech Mining Services
  • African Mining Services
  • Sahara Mining Services
  • Akayet Mining Services Limited
  • PW Mining Company
  • Ghana Chamber of Mines
  • Geodrill Ghana Limited
  • Africa Maxmining Services Company
  • Multi-Tech Services Limited
  • Reiss & Co. Limited
  • Sahara Natural Resources
  • Jachris Mining Services Ghana
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