Notary Public In Ghana

Notaries Public are offìcers who can administer oaths and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate documents and perform certain acts.

They can be called upon to prepare important documents such as contracts, leases, power of attorney and wills.

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How To Notarize A Document In Ghana

Step 1 – Make sure your document is notarized by a local notary public unless it is an original/certified copy or certification issued by a competent federal/state/local office.

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Step 2 – The document must be authenticated by the secretary of the state where it’s executed.

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Notarial Services


It is a written or declarative statement or a declaration sworn to or affirmed before a consular officer.


It is a consular officer’s declaration that you have appeared before him, bearing a document, which you signed willfully and understood. This document should be signed in front of the consular officer.

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Certification Of True Copies

It is the certification of a copy of a document as a true and correct duplicate “word for word and figure for figure”.

Authentication of Signatures

It is a verification of the signature of a notary public or a local government official on a document. It can only be done in regard to those notaries or offìcials whose signature are on file at the ACS Units.

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Below is a list of public notaries in Ghana;

  • Kwaitoo Law Firm
  • Archer and Hammond Chambers
  • DKA Corporate
  • Legal Soluction Associates Limited
  • Nana Chambers
  • FSB Law Consult
  • Faith Chambers
  • Daniel-Akuffo & Co. Chambers
  • Legal Ink Lawyers And Notaries
  • Legalstone Solicitors LLP
  • Juris Ghana Legal Practitioners
  • Beacon Law Consult
  • East Legon Hills Land

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