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Opera News Hub: Complains Will Not Solve It

I think we are worried over nothing. Opera accepted us on their hub without writing application letters. This means, they do not have any contract with any of us. They have rules on running their platforms and they have not forced us to be on the platform. It is up to us to stay or leave. If you want to stay, get attached to their rules and abide by them.

With the ID cards, yes we do not know anyone at Opera and so anyone will think twice about releasing their ID cards to them. But let’s think about it in the opposite, we always go to the bank and the teller ask your I’d card. Do you bother to ask the teller where his/her ID card is? A big no. So why do you want to know the identities of opera administrators before you give out your ID card for your own money?

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Opera Pay creators huge sums of monies and they pay them through banking transactions, so how do we expect them to explain to the banks how they are paying such amounts without proper Id cards to make the payments legitimate? Giving your ID card to opera will not make the police to come arrest you. You just have to get paid at the end of the month.

I don’t work at Opera and knows no one at Opera. I write like any other creator but I believe if I want to make money on their platform, I have to comply by their rules or I quit. There is time to evey creator to make money on the hub once you keep up being consistent and producing good articles.

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The big question I keep asking myself is why can’t we come together and learn from each other so that we can earn good money on the platform.

I’m doing well today on the platform, but I might be down tomorrow. My account can be de

moted at any time. I can be ban from the platform and what have you. They are all possibilities that can happen to me.

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But someone should be ready to take over and also make money. Let’s learn from each other and make good money for ourselves.

Trying to attack opera will never work. Their system is too well designed to even give them money without creators.

So let’s focus and listen to advice instead of being offensive…I know people will bash me here for this but I have said my own.

There are some creators who came to my inbox some months ago, they listened to good advice and today, their accounts have been verified. So why can’t we all do the same…let’s focus and stop the complaints.

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