Operation Clean Your Frontage Begins Work in Some Parts Of Accra To Enforce Sanitation By-Laws

‘Operation cleans your frontage’: ‘City Response Team’ begins work in various parts of Accra to enforce sanitation by-laws.

There are more than a thousand trained men and women who will be going round to check the various towns and houses. They will be checking places such as the market, houses, and various compounds. Cars will be going round to check the streets and other areas all over Accra.

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The team will be permitted to arrest every landlord and tenant who refused to keep their surroundings clean.

The City Response Team is there to make sure that Accra is clean. And also if they failed to perform their task or take bribes from anyone who falls into their hands, they will be arrested and be taken to the court for the court to decide the punishment they deserve.

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Keep your immediate surroundings clean and stay healthy.

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