Police Call to Alexandra Daddario’s L.A. Home Leads To An Arrest And Weapon Charge

Los Angeles police arrested a Colorado resident outside the home of the movie star Alexandra Daddario after a 911 call for help. David Adam Cako, 24 charged with carrying a concealed weapon after a handgun was found in Adam’s vehicle, authorities said. According to the LAPD, a 911 call reported someone knocking at the home door of a McCadden Place, which was identified by TMZ as Alexandra Daddario’s residence. Police would not confirm that reports that Cako- who is from Woodland Park, Colo-yelled something about the actress and refused to leave the property when officers arrived at the scene.

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The incident follows Daddario’s success in the hit HBO series “The White Lotus,” which was created by Mike White. Daddario plays tragic honeymooner Rachel Patton, who quickly begins to resent her insufferable new husband. The 35-year-old artist is also known for starring in the 2017 film adaptation of “Baywatch” and also Texas Chainsaw and others.

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