Quest International: Salary And Products 2021

Quest International, also known as QNET is a multi level network marketing company. The company uses direct selling model.

Before you become a member of this company you need to register with some amount of money. According to them if you register you are given wide range of products such as weight loss products, food supplements, weight gain products, life enhancement products and among others.

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In this company, you earn more money by selling the products given to you by the company or refer other people to the company and earn commissions on them.

The more product you sell, the more your salary increase.


1. Selling of products

2. Recruiting Other people to join the company

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3. Referring the business to other people.

WHERE IS QUEST International Located.


Ejisu, in the Ashanti region

Mankessim, central region

Cape coast, central region

Salary Of Quest International Employees

Quest International Employees are paid based on the sales made. You are paid a commission on anyone you refer the business to.

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Averagely, they are paid around Ghc 1000 – Ghc5,000 . This amount varies according to ones expertise.

Please note that the amounts stated above is not a guarantee amount you will earn, earnings depends on your sales made and referring of other people to the business.

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