Six University Courses That Offers Employment Immediately After School

Attaining a certificate at the tertiary level is a very good thing. It gives you the opportunity to apply for a job that can fetch a tangible amount of money.

During selection of courses, there are some individuals who are influenced by their predecessors to offer a particular program.

Others select their courses, based on personal interest. That’s to say, what they want to do after graduating from the institution.

Usually, there is a lot of contemplation on which university course offers immediate employment after you are done with your educational journey.

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Below are some courses that offer immediate employment after university education.

1. Computer Engineering

The use of IT in almost every organization has made this job a hot cake in almost every part of the world. After pursuing this course, you may earn employment in either a hospital or web designing firm or probably become an IT expert in any company.

2. Accounting

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Currently, there is no institution that is not looking for an expert to manage its accounts.

If you are a highly qualified accounting student, there is the likelihood you may gain employment in any of these Institutions.

3. Medicine

In this particular field, you can switch to becoming a pharmacist, doctor or surgeon. It all depends on your area of specialty.

4. Radiology

They are usually recognized in hospitals as people who cater for cancer related diseases.

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Radiologists are not common nowadays, but they are mostly needed in hospitals for special cases.

5. Nursing

It is one of the most common professions in Ghana, that always demand for qualified employees every year.

6. Civil Engineering

These particular courses offer employment in the automobile industry. Getting employed in the automobile industry is an easy way of making huge income after study courses related to civil engineering in the university

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