Taxi Driver Returns An Amount Of Gh¢8,000 To Passenger Who Mistakenly Left It In His Car-(watch video)

A young man proved to the whole world that, honest and kind people still exist on this planet. A young man who drives a cap for a living did something that ninety-nine percent of the total population will fail to do.

We all know how hard it is to survive nowadays, a taxi driver who is kind and generous returns an amount of Gh¢8,000 to a passenger who is a fish seller at Mallam Atta Market in Accra.

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From the woman mouth, she said she couldn’t sleep the whole night, and she does not have the driver’s phone number to call him. She thought she lost her money until the driver returns the money.

All the people there were crying, they couldn’t believe what just happened. They thanked the driver very well and even refused to let go of his hands.

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This is very interesting and motivating, please let us all try our best to be kind enough to see the pains others go through when we do something bad to them. Try your possible best to put a smile on someone’s face wherever you are and you are going to experience God’s blessings.

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