Top 10 Hit Songs Released By Shatta Wale 2021

Shatta Wale is one of the most successful dancehall artists Ghana has ever seen. His style of making music is very exceptional and because of this fact so many people have stayed loyal to him as fans.

In Ghana, music fanatics have a common group name which is usually known as the fanbase title.

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The fanbase of Shatta Wale is identified as ”Shatta Movement’. Shatta’s fanbase is regarded as one of most influential in the country.

Shatta Wale came into the music scene with the name ‘Bandana’ and rebranded as Shatta Wale after he bounced back in 2010.

When he came back with his new brand, he introduced a new hit song titled Ice cream. Afterwards, he dropped another massive banger titled dancehall king.

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After these two great songs, he continued to give Ghanaian music lovers a chunk of songs which has contributed to his level of popularity and relevance in the music industry as we speak. Shatta Wale has gotten the chance to work with international acts like Burna Boy and Beyonce.

In relation to the topic at hand, let’s do a quicker review of his recent releases.

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1. Bojor

2. Melissa

3. Moko Hoo

4. Bullet

5. Ayoo

6. Gringo

7. Dem Confuse

8. My Level

9. Ghana Mi Sei

10. Kakai

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