Top $lay Quèens In Gh. Causing Traffic On Social Media With Their Heàvy Bortøz-(See photos)

Now, every lady wants to become a $lay queèn, they believed is the only way to make money faster. These $lays forget there is the positive and negative side of everything, aside from getting the money, the possibility of becoming $ex addîct is high.

Some of our senior high school students are looking up to these $lay quēēns as their role models without even understanding what they are into.

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In Ghana, $laying is now a business, and most of them have made social media their home.

Here are some photos of the some popular and trending $lay quèens who have made name for themselves as a result of showing bortøz and their heàvy br3ast. They show different styles of tw3rking on social media.

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See photos


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