What Is Going On With Eminem’s Career? Check Out What Is Going With His Career

I don’t think anyone can honestly tell what is going on with Eminem’s career. He had so many things happening in his career and is hard to know for sure. He went from a struggling no-name to a superstar somewhat quickly. In 1996 he dropped an album that was trashed critically then three years later he signed with one of the biggest names in hip pop and had a major album that most people loved.

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Eminem was one of the most hated celebrities but also one of the most praised rappers. He went from being top of the music industry to being completely reclusive. He has albums that many people consider pivotal for the culture and some that even his loyal fan base despises. He has done it all and from the way things look, he’s trying to prove he still can.

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He set records and had the world eating out of the palm at one point. Then he had people saying he’s washed up and needs to retire. Few albums later people saying he’s back. I think he’s currently at a point where he feels like his legend status was being questioned because Revival was considered a flop so he’s come back to prove not many people can do what he does the way he does.

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