Zendaya Thanks Her Fans For Supporting ‘Tiny’ Returned To Music With Euphoria Songs

Zendaya is super excited as fans praise her music featured in the Euphoria soundtrack. Last Friday, the singer thanked those who have supported her ‘tiny dip’ back into the music industry after long break from music.

“I stepped away from music quite a while ago, for a number of reasons, but I still really love it, so the kindness and support I’ve received the past few days just for a little tiny toe dip back into some music means the absolute world to me..thanks, she tweeted.

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The heartfelt message comes after the release of “I’m Tired,” a gospel inspired duet Zendaya sings with Euphoria’s score composer, Labrinth. The song went viral on February 27 after it was featured in the season 2 finale.

Zendaya’s vocals were also showcased in costar Dominic Fike’s “Elliot’s Song.” which she wrote for season 2 with Labrinth. While her career has been centered around acting, Zendaya’s vocal abilities have been present since the beginning.

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